Second Marriage

So she got married, again!
For the sake of her daughter.
The force of her mother.
And the analysis of her sister.

Young and naive at first,
She married for love!
The end was a divorce,
'Cause she hardly performed,
"A doormat", oh god!!

Such a disgrace!
She made the whole family 
Oh, the tragedy!
'Cause she didn't bare 
this comedy,
Of beaten by her one true love.

"That's an easy catch!"
That's how it echoed, 
from the mouths of the unknown men!
Aftermath that divorce.
Her sister's husband asked,
Whether he could warm her up?
The next door neighbour,
Her daughter's doctor,
Her best friend's man
And her staff mate, 
the religion teacher!
She was surrounded by men,
Who wanted to light up 
the candle flame.
"Ah, what a slut!" 
Her daughter's friend's mother whispered.

"I can live my own, and look after my daughter alone!" She mourned.
Her mother disapproved! Inside she weeped.
She had to get marry, again! 
That's how the world works.
So she got married, again!

For the sake of the world's